If we forget about such subjective things as shape, weight, decorations by the type of illumination, then many will say that there is nothing more difference and they will be wrong.


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If you ask an ordinary user what is the difference between a game rodent, then the majority will answer that one of the main differences is a more sensitive sensor...

So, what is a gaming mouse?

If you ask an ordinary user what is the difference between a game rodent, then the majority will answer that one of the main differences is a more sensitive sensor. This is true, but the differences do not end there. Firstly, gaming devices have a better component base. For example, the resource of OMRON microswitches (the so-called one of the most popular switches located under the buttons of many gaming mice) is about 20 million clicks. I don't think it's worth explaining that an office rodent for $50 is not ready for such loads. The quality and size of Teflon legs also matter, and as you might have guessed, gaming devices have better legs than their office counterparts. Additional buttons are also found on ordinary mice, but you will not find an office mouse with 18 buttons ... Macro programming, although their use is considered bad manners in the gaming community, judging by the fact that manufacturers do not remove this function, it is in demand.

Low DPI vs. Large

So we come to the main part. Vitaly said the following in his article:

If you want to shoot accurately in shooters and look for Gaming Mouses for Fortnite, then the maximum DPI set in the mouse settings (also depends on the screen resolution) is 400 or 600 maximum. Roughly speaking, by moving the mouse from one edge of the rug to the other, your character should turn 180 degrees, no more. Thanks to this, you can comfortably aim from high-precision weapons in games (revolvers and sniper rifles).

Let's take a look at what the error is. First, let's understand the following: the lower the DPI, the lower the cursor positioning accuracy you end up with. How so you ask. To make it clearer, let's take any shooter and go into the settings, there we will definitely see a section with adjusting the mouse sensitivity. And these settings are usually forgotten by everyone. For example, in Warzone, the default value is 10. What does this mean, an inexperienced user will ask and I will answer: your 400DPI is multiplied by 10, that is, in fact, you are playing at a sensitivity of 4000, and not 400. This is done for the simple reason that users a whole zoo of various equipment, someone plays at 640 * 480, and someone has long known the delights of 4K resolution. And so that everyone, regardless of their monitor or TV, could play comfortably in games, and there is such a setting as sensitivity. Here a reasonable question arises, why then are they imposed on us gaming mice with high-precision sensors, if we can already increase the sensitivity. The point is that you increase the sensitivity, not the accuracy. To make it clearer, I will explain it this way: if you use 400DPI and the in-game sensitivity is 6, your positioning accuracy is much lower than that of a person with settings at 16000 DPI and a sensitivity of 0.15. From where I took 0.15. It is easy to calculate as follows: Old DPI (400) by new DPI (16000) and multiply by the old sensitivity (6) and in the end we get just 0.15. We get exactly the same mouse speed at high DPI values, but at the same time, at a higher DPI, we have much higher positioning accuracy. Now I will explain in more detail. All manipulations were carried out on my ROCCAT Kone AIMO Remastered mouse, Screen resolution: 3840 * 2160. Windows settings for 400dpi and 16000.