Try to imagine a world where everything is interconnected. A world where you can modify your own reality to see what you want to see, where your coffee machine knows when you need your next fix, and the high streets are populated with characters from your favourite PC games.


Augmenting The Universe
A world where you can modify your own reality to see what you want to see...

This is the opening of a great article from Tech Radar about “The Internet of Things”, and if you’re still wondering what b.TWEEN 3D is all about, this is definitely worth a read. It’s about the convergence of life & technology – a point covered in one of this week’s influencer interviews with Amber Case. Amber is a cyborg anthropologist, which isn’t as Star Trek as it sounds. Have a look at her page here to find out more.

Also joining the debate this week was Tassos Stevens, whose approach to immersive technology is a lot more lo-fi, but equally engaging. As well as working on a game that uses 3D sound to captivate players, his company is all about playful experiences and how to suck an audience into the narrative.

I’ll leave you this week with a tease and a taste… the tease is that we have a couple of really special influencer interviews coming up in the next few days. The first is Aleks Krotoski, a geek after my own heart who hosts Tech Weekly for the Guardian, and created (and presented) the awesome series, Virtual Revolution, for the BBC last year, as well as many other amazing scientific & technology based projects.. And hot on her heels will be Blaise Agüera y Arcas, the architect of Bing Maps and a legend in the field of augmenting the universe we live in.

So watch this space!

And the taste? Here’s a fun use of some very simple augmented reality technology; Manchester City are helping fans celebrate bringing home the FA Cup last month by letting them hold it, and maybe even give it a kiss. All you need is a printer and a webcam – I’ll let you discover for yourself what that’s all about.