It would seem, how can you predict the final or intermediate result, and even make money on it? It turns out that this team type of competition is well predicted.


In basketball, a dynamic and efficient game, the situation on the floor changes every second.

The outcome of a match can be predicted with a certain accuracy, even using high-quality basketball predictions for free. And, if you use more accurate analytics, then the chances of success increase significantly.

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It is unreasonable to place bets without understanding the essence of the game, the rules of dribbling, the technical execution of the throw, the disposition of the athletes on the court. In our opinion, it is necessary to know the basic data about this sport.


The higher number of regular competitions allows analyzing the play of several suitable teams and making profitable bets. The passability of predictions for basketball depends on the sample size. The more data on games or rates is monitored, the more accurate the predictions. When giving out basketball predictions free of charge, as well as by subscription on a paid basis, experts use various forecasting methods.

Logical. It is based on an analysis of past events. Taking into account the experience of previous generations, its correction is carried out taking into account today's realities, a forecast for the future is made.
Extrapolation method. Used to find results in quantitative terms. This is the number of throws, jumping ability, movement speed, and others. The found optimal winning nature of the changes is extrapolated to a specific period of the game in the future.
Statistical and mathematical methods. They are considered the most effective today, and therefore popular among analysts and forecasters. They are also used when making predictions for basketball for free.
Statistical analysis for predicting basketball bets

The accuracy of mathematical statistics is quite high, because specific reliable numbers are used. At the same time, subjective factors (psychological stress, player fatigue) are not recorded anywhere, which means they are not taken into account. The statistical method of forecasting is based on the specific recorded indicators of the volleyball game (the results of studying the game of basketball players and information on the standings, plans, teams' reports). Taking into account the choice of the predicted team, the required data is selectively used. The method involves monitoring special literature, research results. Studying statistics, there are patterns that help predict the outcome of an event with a certain degree of probability. Moreover, a voluntary or involuntary change in at least one factor in the analysis of a basketball strategy can lead to a change in a number of other parameters. The following are considered fundamental: 22 bet download

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