Beam - this is not quite the correct name, because. radiation, radiant, infrared and other types of radiation are a kind of electromagnetic heat transfer). A striking example of radiant heating is the heating of our planet with the energy that the Sun radiates.


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What is the Best dry herb vaporizer under 100 in 2022?


Electromagnetic vaporizers are the latest innovative vaporizers on the market today. Currently, there are only a few varieties of such devices, such as the Oracle infrared vaporizer from the Canadian manufacturer BMInnovators (sales began in 2010), the AroMed vaporizer and the Loto Lux induction vaporizer (available at the end of 2017). See also a list of the Best dry herb vaporizer under 100.

The Oracle Desktop Vaporizer features state-of-the-art patent technology that uses an infrared heating system that is unparalleled worldwide. Using a patented infrared camera, Oracle can be used with all kinds of herbs and aromatherapy blends. The temperature range for the Oracle vaporizer is from 37°C to 232°C, and it can heat up at a rate of 10°C per second. Oracle achieves a stable evaporating temperature of 190°C in less than 10 seconds. The supply of steam from this vaporizer is forced through a fan into a plastic cylinder or into a flexible silicone hose (can be used with a bubbler and other water filters). The Oracle Vaporizer was only available for a limited time, as it was expensive to sell and suffered from minor bugs. It could have a great future, but BMInnovators did not have enough financial resources to develop the project.

Pros of infrared vaporizers

  • IR radiation provides a high rate of local heating and enables highly efficient temperature control.
  • The heating of the evaporated substance, and not the air, is a distinctive feature of such devices. First of all, the generated heat is transferred to the plant material, and the air is already heated from it.
  • They have high efficiency with minimal energy (electricity) consumption.
  • They produce completely clean, fragrant and safe steam.


  • High price of the product
  • Release of portable models is not adjusted


Induction heating in vaporizers is the biggest technological breakthrough in the development of the vaporizer industry and the latest revolutionary vapor production system.
Induction is a "non-contact" process of heating electrically conductive materials with high frequency and high currents. Evaporator induction heating begins by applying a high frequency alternating current to a copper induction coil (inductor), causing it to generate a time-varying magnetic field. A metal rod current collector is placed inside the inductor, which does not touch the coil. Under the influence of an alternating magnetic field, the pantograph begins to induce "eddy currents", which heat it up.

In an induction vaporizer, a metal current collector (heater) is a wick placed in a glass capsule in which plant material (solid, liquid, loose, pasty, any ..) was previously placed. The glass capsule filled with material is inserted into the induction core of the evaporator, after which the cover with the mouthpiece is closed, the device is turned on and evaporation begins.