With friction transmission - the design implies the presence of a roller inside, with the help of friction of which the torque is transmitted directly to the wheel tire. The principle of such work provides low efficiency, so the appointment is limited to light urban and children’s models. The engine is noisy and has poor handling in bad weather.


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2022 update: Choosing The Best electric bike under $2000

In the next decade, the first local manufacturers began to appear in large cities - Shanghai and Tianjin. However, the annual production of electric bicycles was less than 20,000 units per year per billion inhabitants. The surge of interest lasted only a few years, and then faded for several reasons. As explained here https://digitalflip.co/gadgets/Best_electric_bike_under_2000/, the batteries were still unable to meet the demands of consumers: they were heavy and could not travel long distances without recharging. Secondly, the price of electric bicycles was quite high compared to gasoline scooters.

Forward Volcano Plus

  • wheel size: 27.5 inches;
  • maximum distance: 50 kilometers;
  • maximum speed: 38 kilometers per hour;
  • motor power: 500 W;
  • number of speeds: 7, Shimano transmission of an acceptable level;
  • weight: 21 kilograms;
  • maximum load: 110 kilograms;
  • features: rear trunk, cycle computer, assistant mode.

As it was said at the beginning of the article, there are no models from titled European brands in the selection due to their prohibitive high cost. However, there are Russian specialized brands, and you can find suitable options in their lineup. For example, a hardtail on 27.5-inch wheels with a powerful 500 watt motor. The equipment is generally good and will definitely serve with proper care. However, like the competition, the drivetrain is just a 7-speed with an inexpensive Microshift shifter that ranks even below the Shimano Tourney. Of the additional options, there is only a built-in bike computer, everything else needs to be purchased separately. Be careful not to confuse the considered model with exactly the same, but with a less powerful 250 W motor.

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