Coding teaches several important things: critical thinking, decomposition, and composition. This generally develops a person as a person. As for the everyday level, in everyday work, sometimes you need to pull out some kind of picture or bypass crookedly written code that prevents you from doing something on the site. ... You can definitely learn coding right from home. There are many websites for online learning. I myself take some courses from time to time, I really like it.


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What is the Best laptop for development in 2022?


Everything from low-level development to web and mobile devices. Hardware tests, reviews of unusual gadgets, guides on new programming languages, guides and tips for coders. ... There are several ways to automate the operation of applications on an Android smartphone using this interface, and in this article we will consider one of them. Check also Best laptop for development for details.

Best laptop for development

A laptop differs from a standard PC in its mobility. It can be carried, used anywhere, keep at hand the necessary programs and applications, a set of files and documents that may be needed in everyday life.

The type of laptop largely determines its capabilities. Classic laptops are comparable in functionality to desktop PCs and can be used for everyday tasks, including working with office programs, browsers, watching movies, surfing the Internet, simple games.