Whether you consider yourself an avid gambler or a less enviable workaholic, spending long hours in a chair every day is probably common for you. If you are a gamer, then the very first dilemma you face when choosing an office chair is whether to choose a gaming chair or a standard office chair.


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How are gaming chairs different from conventional computer chairs?

This article will outline all the major differences between a gaming chair and a typical ergonomic office chair in terms of ergonomics to help you make the best choices for your comfort and health. In fact, there are many more differences than meets the eye, but before making a purchase, you should consider the following characteristics of the Best white gaming chair.

Bucket seat

Many gaming chairs have a bucket seat design where both sides are raised. Inspiration comes from racing car seats. It looks cool, but what practical function do they really do in your room in terms of comfort or ergonomics? In a moving vehicle, bucket seats help keep the driver safe when his body moves from left to right. However, these types of seats don't make a lot of sense and can even be counterproductive. For people who like to sit cross-legged with one or both legs on the seat, the raised sides can restrict blood flow in the legs even more than a regular contoured seat if your feet are pressed against them. Also, for larger people, it's important to note that manufacturers often quote the width of the seat, including the raised sides, which is not an accurate measure of available seating area. Compared to gaming chairs, standard office chairs come with a custom-shaped seat without any raised sides.

Raised front lip

Gaming chair seats usually have a raised leading edge. Another design option, borrowed from real car seats, serves as ergonomically as the raised sides.

In a real car, a raised front seat helps support the driver's feet slightly to make it easier to reach the gas pedals. It also helps keep the driver seated. With an office chair, the recommended ergonomic sitting position is with the knees bent 90 degrees and the feet on the floor. In this position, the seat is best for relieving pressure on the back of your thighs.

There are gaming chairs with standard seating and are recommended if you often feel numbness in your buttocks or thighs after long periods of sitting.

Removable lumbar and head cushions

These are typical gaming chair accessories, but do they actually serve an ergonomic purpose? The short answer is rather yes, although it is recommended that you look at gaming chairs where the height of the lumbar cushion can be adjusted (for example, with a strap) so that it can target a specific area of ​​your back that needs cushioning. They are designed to maintain a neutral spine, comfort, and relieve low back pain.

Winged back

Another unmistakable gaming chair design is the curved back with form-fitting wings. Once again, the design is inspired by car seats designed to hold you in place when taking tight turns. The problem is, even in the most addictive racing game, your body probably won't swing much from left to right. In addition, this feature is designed to maintain posture, but there is little evidence that such a design is ergonomically beneficial as it only limits the user's upper body movement. Also, larger people can feel cramped in a similar chair with wings.

Fixed headrest

Many gaming chairs opt for a high back with a fixed headrest to support the player's head. When combined with a removable head cushion that supports the neck, it is better ergonomically compared to mid- or low-back office chairs for people who often recline backward, as gamers often do. Just as a bed with a headrest and pillow seems to be more comfortable to sleep in, a chair with a headrest and a supportive cushion provides more comfort and support than a chair without this feature.

Of course, many standard office chairs also come with headrests, some of which are adjustable in height, tilt angle. They are logically superior to fixed headrests, although that doesn't detract from the fact that the gaming chairs got the right idea in terms of neck and head support with their design.

Tip: When choosing a gaming chair, look for one where the neck pillow goes through the headrest cutout, through the strap, rather than over it. The first allows you to move the pillow up and down to better affect the neck area.