This soundbar model features Meridian’s innovative digital signal processing technology. Once connected and set up, widescreen sound is created. Additionally, the sound level is increased, the two-channel input is expanded to three. There is no interference or distortion whatsoever.


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2022 Bose bass 500 vs 700 - chosing the best

The future of soundbars

At the end of 2022, soundbars have not received the popularity they deserve. However, this device can successfully replace several devices in the house at once (at least a home theater and a music center), creates a “big” sound with miniature dimensions and is literally crammed with modern technologies.

No wonder their market is growing along with the number of models and unique features. So, the popularity of voice assistants has led to their appearance in soundbars. There is a trend to complement soundbars with satellites that can be placed around the house to create a different sound space in every room. So we can safely assume a great future for soundbars as a convenient and high-quality alternative to home theater. More info on this point:

Despite the fact that soundbars have gained particular popularity in the past few years, this type of speaker system has been around for quite some time. Efforts to improve the sound of flat panel TVs began almost immediately after they hit the market in the 1990s. Moreover, special stands with built-in speakers were produced back in the era of tube CRT TVs.

How many channels?

The sound quality and character of the soundbar depends on its configuration: 2.0, 2.1, 3.1 and even 7.1 - the more channels, the more interesting the sound will be. For example, choosing a soundbar in a 2.0 configuration will give you a regular stereo system. If you add a subwoofer to it so that tangible bass appears, you will get 2.1. But how can a soundbar that lies directly in front of you have seven-channel surround sound? It's all about psychoacoustics and the physics of sound. On the one hand, these models use digital sound processing, which makes it look like surround sound to our ears. Such software tools have long been used in players, smartphones and other devices, and they can be found even in budget models. On the other hand, some soundbars are built on the principle of a sound projector. The emitters are positioned in such a way that the sound, reflected from the walls, surrounds you 360 degrees. These soundbars are calibrated according to the environment. As a rule, the price of sound projectors is higher, because they are at the forefront of this class of devices.

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