This weekend it was all about the Royal Wedding, an event that has gone global in a way no other royal wedding has before because of the pervasive nature of social media.


Emotions running high b.TWEEN 3D
This weekend it was all about the Royal Wedding...

The couple even first announced their engagement to the public on Twitter (oh how times have changed!) showing a remarkable awareness of the importance of new technology within the walls of Buckingham Palace. It’s also rumoured that Sky are working on a 3-D short film of the wedding itself.

My uploads to the site last week were not quite as glamorous as the royal wedding, but there was a lot of emotion involved! Gawain Morrison talks to us about emotional response cinema and Evan Grant takes us back to a dream he had when he was just five of six years old, of humans & technology living in bio-engineered harmony. Do you agree with the research Gawain’s company is doing into using our physiological responses to help them create better content? Do you think Evan’s vision of a building continuously adapting to meet it’s occupants needs is rosy? Or a little bit scary? Make sure you get your voice heard by commenting on these pages.