One of the most budget fish finders - but equipped with a fairly good set of features and technologies for its price. The included transducer and fish finder provide high performance bottom scanning. The cartography function allows you to create your own maps and mark on them all the necessary waypoints - good fishing, ports and destinations.


Garmin or Lowrance fish finder b.TWEEN 3D
Choosing the best fish finder: Lowrance vs Garmin fishfinder 2022

Fish finder manufacturers


Raymarine - The brand offers a huge number of fish finders to choose from. Models show a high level of automation, due to which operation is greatly simplified. Some models work under ice and are able to detect fish not only around the boat, but also under it. In this case, the cost of production is not the most pleasant side of the company.

Аish hunter

FishHunter - offers wired and wireless models, featuring the ability to display a three-dimensional image of the bottom. Suitable for fishing from the shore, small boats and from the pier. There are options for both beginners and professionals in fishing. The price range of products is quite wide, so anyone can find a suitable option for the price.


Lucky is the company's motto: "You will always know where to fish better." They mainly offer wireless fish finders that have no analogues. Some models can work independently, others are connected to gadgets. The second option has a lower price. There are models that work in a stationary position, as well as options for moving at speed.

Humminbird HELIX

At a cost of more than $1000, the fish finder is equipped with a huge number of useful features and technologies. Among its features are the high signal quality and scanning efficiency provided by Mega Down Imaging systems. We also recommend to check this manual

MEGA Side Imaging and Dual Spectrum CHIRP. The screen received a diagonal of 7 inches and a resolution of 800x480, LED backlighting for low light conditions and good brightness for use in bright sunlight. The device has a chartplotter function with the ability to create your own maps, set marks on them and save to external media. In addition, HELIX 7X MEGA DI GPS G3N allows you to control the water temperature and accurately separates objects.

Reasons to buy Humminbird HELIX 7X MEGA DI GPS G3N

  • large and color 7-inch screen;
  • large scanning angles;
  • the Humminbird AutoChart Live function, which allows you to correct maps and create new ones;
  • image enhancement and screen noise suppression technologies;
  • application for PC;
  • Low Q CHIRP sensor that provides 2 ways to search - with maximum coverage or with high detail.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • high cost of fish finder.

Source: Wikipedia: Fish finder