Each of us likes to watch videos on our smartphone or tablet. Someone watches the video online, while someone prefers to download the file to their gadget. Each of the options has its own nuances - let's try to figure them out.


How to play local and streaming video in different formats b.TWEEN 3D
How to play local and streaming video in different formats

To begin with, we need a player and a set of codecs to convert the data stream, that is, video. Most often, it is enough to install an advanced video player that includes everything you need, such as mpvplayer. It will install the codecs you need for your device, taking into account the features and type of processor.

Memory scanning

Memory scanning occurs automatically, which means that everything that you downloaded will appear in the application library. Thus, you can always enjoy watching movies or series. The only limitation is the video resolution, and if the format is not readable, instead of hardware decoding, you can try software decoding, this is especially true for weak devices. The main drawback is the need to wait for the file to fully download.

If you don’t have the opportunity to download something and upload it to your device, you don’t like to wait, then watching online videos is best. The video file is stored on the server, and it can be played without the need to download it. To do this, at the time of downloading through the browser, select a player convenient for viewing, the process will take a couple of seconds, depending on the speed of the Internet. As a rule, the resolution and quality are not high, so there will be no playback problems. The main disadvantage is the binding to a network connection and the inability to view anything in its absence or low speed.


For the convenience of viewing and sharing online videos, you can also use playlists, for example, with the resolution "*.M3U". In fact, this is a plain text file with a direct link to the video inside it. The beauty is that you can add several films, episodes of your favorite TV series or a couple of seasons at once to the library at a time. In addition, it can be links to various broadcasts, programs and even channels. By default, such playlists are recognized by BSPlayer and VLC for Android, and the same mpvplayer.com, only if you insert a link to a direct one.