Many undergraduate students at universities and colleges ask the question "How to shorten an essay without editing"? There are several proven ways to shorten a text without editing.


How to shorten an essay without editing? b.TWEEN 3D
How to shorten an essay without editing? See 2022 update

One of the best ways is to abbreviate on site essays with more than one editor. As a rule, only experienced editors can shorten a text significantly without losing its meaning.

Ways to shorten an essay

1. Rewriting with simultaneous abbreviation

Doing a shortened rewrite is a very interesting and creative process. After reading the source, take the first paragraph and see what is the main idea and are the details. The rewriting is done in such a way that only the main point remains.

The first method differs from the others in its high quality. In-depth rewriting combined with throwing out uninteresting details makes for an excellent article.

2. Source reduction

This method differs in that the work is done in two stages: first, we shorten the source, and then we rewrite it. In this case, we simply remove sentences or whole paragraphs from the source. This method is very convenient because it allows you to get results faster.

3. The "first sentence" method

Researchers have proven that in most texts, the first one or two sentences in a paragraph play a key role. This means that we don't even have to read the whole text. The technique is as follows: look at the beginning of each paragraph and remove everything else that is clarifying.

This method of shortening an article has three features:

-It is the fastest of all the others.

-It-Ideal for large articles where paragraphs contain mainly explanations of what has already been saying

-Great for the task of greatly reducing an article (by a factor of 3 or more).

4. Text synonymizes

There are synonymizes sites that not only pick up synonyms but also remove unnecessary words if any. This way you can remove some wording or at least reduce the number of characters by selecting shorter synonym words.

Synonymizers are capable of trimming texts of any length.

Synonyms are useful for abbreviating texts of various kinds. For example, to fill in pages of catalog sites according to certain parameters, to indicate citations in scientific papers, to comply with technical regulations of documents, and other things.

How to use the Sinomizer?

Сopy the text you want to change and paste it into the box. Fill in the settings and press the "Trim" button. Large text can be uploaded as a file. Then copy the resulting text from the adjacent window or upload the file.

Pay attention to the advanced settings:

  • select the number of characters to be left in the text (counting letters, spaces, punctuation marks);
  • tick the "multi-line mode" box if you want the specified number of characters to remain in each line;
  • specify on which side (beginning or end) the text is to be cropped.

Thanks to these options, you can quickly get essays, papers, and essays into the right form, saving yourself the hassle.


Of course, automatic text rewriting cannot be perfect and will never replace human thinking, but it can noticeably save you time, nerve, and money. The percentage of uniqueness after the automatic rewrite depends on the initial percentage of originality of your document, the subject of the text, and on the checking system. We recommend going through the text with a special program after the file has been processed and correcting the flaws. If you want to order manual, authoritative editing of an essay, you can always do so at specialist firms.