A regular or charter flight is a cramped seat in the cabin, where another 200 passengers fly, depending on the time of day, forced transfers (if provided by the route). Empty leg service - this is an opportunity to fly in a comfortable business jet, elite service.


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Advantages of the "empty leg" flights

What are Empty Leg Flights?

Passengers, for whom air travel is a familiar thing, probably know what Empty Legs private jet flights are, however, for many, this term is incomprehensible. In fact, this is part of the route that the liner flies empty. Another name for the Empty Legs service is return flights, it implies the opportunity to fly at a very good discount on a private board. We will explain what Empty Legs flights mean, how they differ from a traditional private jet flight, and how to order a business jet.

The essence of the service is as follows: a plane is flown to transport passengers or cargo. It is assumed that the return route for such a charter is empty. It is for these flights that brokers select tickets with very favourable discounts.

Example! The business jet flew from London to Milan, the passenger stayed in the northern capital for several days, then the plane returned to base empty. Such an 'empty' flight is not profitable for the air carrier. To compensate for the cost of the return flight, passengers are offered transport using the Empty Legs system; tickets for such flights are 20% or even 70% cheaper than for classic flights.

The Empty Legs private jet charter system is the most popular and popular service in business aviation. This method allows you to charter a business jet at the most favourable conditions, with savings of up to 70%. Interestingly, flights are possible in any direction, respectively, the passenger can adjust the route.

Important! Return flights fly with the same frequency as regular charters, the only difference between these flights is the significant cost savings.

Advantages of the "empty leg" flights

  • cost advantage - up to 70%;
  • a wide selection of destinations and flight dates;
  • the ability to urgently change plans, change the route, sell a seat;
  • high level of service - on board business jets there is a working area, a recreation area, good food;
  • the flight request is confirmed within minutes;
  • check-in takes place on an expedited basis.

Important! It must be understood that the cost of tickets decreases not because the quality of service deteriorates or the list of services is reduced. The savings are possible thanks to the return flight system.

Therefore, Empty Legs is a great way to save money on flights, as well as a great way for an airline broker to expand its customer base and attract passengers with a 'hot deal'. 

Source: private jets uk