It is to such colors that red belongs – this bright and stylish shade is appropriate at any time of the year and perfectly complements any outfit, both a dress and jeans.


Stylish red manicure: trending ideas 2022 b.TWEEN 3D
There are those who do not leave the top rating from season to season…

The main thing is that stylish red nails change the mood of beauties and make them believe in themselves and in their perfection. Choose a red manicure and young dreamers and stylish women over 40 years.

So if you are still confused by the red nail design, then just study the latest trends and the most fashionable novelties, as well as view photos of the Red Nail Design works of the best nail art masters.

Shades of red: meanings

Psychologists say that bright red shades in manicure are chosen by passionate, emotional and self-confident creative personalities, as well as strong and sensual representatives of the fair sex who are not afraid of difficulties and are able to achieve their goals.

Such girls will always be able to attract attention, because they think through everything to the smallest detail, starting from the style of a skirt or trousers and ending with a hairstyle.

And due to the fact that today there are a huge number of options for shades of red, you can easily choose the optimal one for yourself.

And below we will present a list of the most fashionable shades of red in 2022:

  • madder - pink-red with a pronounced purple undertone;
  • scarlet - bright red with an orange undertone;
  • solferino is a beautiful blood-scarlet color;
  • titian is a noble, slightly muted red with a touch of brown;
  • ruby is a magnetically attractive, deep color that has absorbed the soft reflection of the jewel of the same name;
  • carrot is a cheerful shade that attracts the eye with a pronounced orange undertone;
  • charlach - a mixture of scarlet and solferino;
  • international red is the single most accurate interpretation of "pure" red;
  • coral – a mixture of scarlet and orange;
  • sangria is a wine, berry-raspberry shade.

The palette is quite extensive, so it will not be difficult for you to choose a beautiful and stylish design for your manicure. And the best nail design ideas presented below will help you in this.

The best red manicure ideas

Do you want your elegant hands to look luxurious? Then pay attention to the top trends that are offered today for manicure in red and all its shades.