Ortis Deley, co-host of Channel 5′s Gadget Show, and somebody who knows everything there is to know about 3D printing, Joris Peels of i.materialise


The New Face of 3d b.TWEEN 3D
Another busy week at b.TWEEN 3D towers, where I spoke to Ortis Deley

For both of these influencers, the ability to custom design & manufacture goods – and even body parts – is going to be key to the evolution of immersive technology. Looking to the future, Ortis talks about robots that can replicate their own parts, which I think is a really interesting idea that has yet again been born out of science fiction.

But there are some far more practical applications of 3D happening today. The Zoff Mirror is a brand new e-commerce application that lets shoppers try on different styles of glasses using augmented reality. Using digital imagery to help people see how something will look isn’t new, but with this application you can actually turn your head in full 360 glory and the glasses resize and move with you in real-time. It’s impressive stuff, and is just the beginning of what will be possible for this technology in the future.