After you decide on the characteristics that are most suitable for you, you can proceed to the next stage - the actual choice of a new monitor. In this section, the author tried to identify the optimal, in his opinion, models, with most of which he was lucky to work closely.


Top 10 gaming monitors under 300 b.TWEEN 3D
2022 update: Top 10 gaming monitors under 300 - choosing the best gaming monitor

OLED panels work best for HDR, but using them as may not be the best idea due to the risk of burn-in.

Bigger is not always better, the size depends on the task

As you begin your search for the right monitor, you need to ask yourself what its purpose is, right down to the game genres you prefer. For different screen sizes and tasks, different characteristics are important, such as refresh rate, response time, and type of matrix.

Now there are several main sizes on the market, each of which is good in its own way. In our experience, they can be characterized as follows:

  • 24-25 inches (16:9) - small monitors are chosen by those who have little space and professional e-sports players who need to keep the entire image in view;
  • 27‑28 inches (16:9) is the most versatile solution for gaming, video and work, fit most jobs. This segment has the largest variety of offers and, accordingly, the spread in prices;
  • 32 inches (16:9) - ten or fifteen years ago, such a diagonal was considered worthy of a large TV in the living room, and now huge screens are gradually taking root on computer tables. Suitable for cinema, multi-window operation, and immersing yourself in beautiful meditative RPGs;

At the time of writing this material, the choice of fast 4K models is scarce and is represented by two 27-inch monitors with a frequency of 144 Hz: Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ and Acer Predator X27. There was no fundamental difference between them (except for the design, materials used and external lighting systems), their capabilities are identical, but the price is very different: the Acer solution is almost $600. It is possible that soon the difference will not be so significant, but you still have to choose based on your liking for a particular brand or in appearance. It remains to accumulate $3000 having previously acquired a PC of no less cost.

Other Solutions

In other solutions of our management, Samsung models are the only ones among those actually sold with a resolution of 3840 × 1080. Despite the release of a more affordable and, unfortunately, technically simplified C49J890DKI solution, the pioneer in a new segment for the desktop monitor market, Samsung C49HG90DMI, remains optimal and relevant. Some are afraid of its size, others are annoyed by the “fat” pixel, but if you do not belong to these two categories of buyers, then this display should not disappoint you.

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