All details about Doja Cat, starting from her childhood and up to famous Doja Cat Onlyfans leaks. If you follow social media trends, you surely know her. Year 2023 will show how does she manage it


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Millions of dollars and followers: Doja Cat Onlyfans star


We had reached a point where Doja Cat's fame skyrocketed. It happened about six months after the release of the Amala album. The artist already had a definite fan base, but as she herself says, back then her Instagram feed could be viewed by an average of 50-60 people. The situation soon changed drastically.

Deciding to take a break from serious compositions, Doja Cat wrote an intentionally absurdist rap song about a cow and made a lo-fi video for it the same day with a corresponding meme vibe. The lyrics of the track "Mooo!" feature uncomplicated sexual metaphors and quotes from songs by Ludacris, Kelis and Wu-Tang Clan.

Doja Cat certainly knew what she was doing, but she couldn't have imagined how quickly her mock video would start spreading. The song's catchy hook and the deliberate kitschiness of the clip made it go viral within days. And the likes of the singer's star peers such as Katy Perry and Chance The Rapper helped the video become even more popular.

"I feel that artists take themselves too seriously and there is a lot of anxiety in the air right now. Everyone is quite sensitive now, and I think people need humour. Perhaps that's why the clip has been so well received," believes Doja Cat.


According to Doja Cat, her dreamwriting style is spontaneity: she uses a variety of methods for composing her songs. Sometimes the artist writes the lyrics from the end, i.e. she composes the main punchline and only after that she revises the rest of the lyrics.

The track "Say So" was inspired by the idea of two sympathetic strangers, who do not dare to make the first step. While writing the song, the artist became completely engrossed in the creative process, locking herself in her room. The arrangement of the single is in the spirit of vintage funk and disco of the 70s, because these genres are very close to the performer.

Source: (Doja Cat)