Tokenization adds to any digital product a lot of useful features that increase the value of this product.


Why NFT is changing industries b.TWEEN 3D
Your digital asset is now decentralized

True ownership and inalienability

Your digital asset is now decentralized. It does not depend on the system in which it is located. This is especially true for game items. You buy them, but you own them for as long as the developer company allows you. With NFT, you have a certificate of ownership for that item. Another question is that its value depends on how good the game is, and in general, whether it works now, and this is completely up to the developer.

But this also applies to other digital assets. Let's say you made a GIF with a flying cat, it went all over the Internet. How now to prove that you are the real owner? Thanks to NFT, it's easy. Attach a token to a GIF, and the original GIF belongs to you. Yes, everyone else can still download it, but only you own it. I will elaborate on the difference between "download" and "own" below.


No one will buy something that they are not sure of the originality of. If you can verify the originality of a digital work of art, it is easier to sell it using, for example, NFT Profit website.

You cannot sell the legendary sword from the game if the developers have not provided a special marketplace.

The NFT Sword from the crypto game can be sold on any marketplace. It will go to your wallet, which connects to the game, and the game will see that this sword is now yours. Thanks to NFT, the value of the sword is not only that it will help you get high in the game. When you get tired of playing, you can sell it and finally get a girlfriend.


Previously, items from the game remained only in this game. Imagine that now with a sword from one game you can cut down terrorists in another. Or ride Roach around Vice City.


Firstly, this means that complex mechanics can be incorporated into the properties of a digital object when it is created. For example, what kind of offspring will your CryptoKitt give.

In addition, thanks to smart contracts, any complex transactions have become possible not only with currencies and financial instruments, but also with things. For example, you can get a deposit on digital art or the same legendary sword from the game.