This means that not all the posts of the people they follow are visible to the user. In order for your publication to be visible to the overwhelming number of your subscribers, you need to score good indicators of behavioral factors - a lot of likes, comments and saves.


Why not to buy Instagram followers b.TWEEN 3D
A ranked feed has been operating on the Instagram social network for several years

Due to this, the feed generation algorithm will consider that your post is interesting for the majority of subscribers, and show it to even more of them. If subscribers react badly to your publication - they scroll through it in the feed without liking or commenting, then the algorithm considers that the post is of little interest to anyone, and ranks it worse, which leads to fewer views, likes and comments. From all of the above it follows that in the next hours or days after publication it is very important that the post has a good ratio of views / likes / comments. And what to do if likes are sorely lacking?

Instagram followers: how to buy

In order not to be ashamed to show their profile, they buy several thousand or several tens of thousands of subscribers, of course, all in proportion to modesty, using service like this one

The second purpose is commercial. In an account with a large number of followers, the profile owner offers to place ads. The more subscribers in the profile, the more expensive advertising here. This is mainly done by small businesses who know that advertising on Instagram works, so advertising in such accounts sells quite well.

Live followers on Instagram

Also, through this social platform, you can sell anything, so most people want to buy live followers on Instagram so that the account immediately begins to bear fruit. The more subscribers you have, the bigger your audience of potential customers if you are trying to sell something, or get high ratings or a large number of likes. By promoting your account, you promote your business and increase sales.

Another goal is a banal participation in the competition. To win, likes are added.

And finally, the buyers of subscriber bots are simply naive people who still believe that for $2 a thousand people will show increased interest in their account in the form of a subscription. However, an ill-conceived and hasty purchase of subscribers often leads to account blocking.