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Making a popular game b.TWEEN 3D
So what does it take to create a popular mobile game?

Have you ever had this before: you look at passengers on public transport who pop balloons in their phones or get stuck in 2048, and you think: “It's a simple game! I also want to do the same ”? With me - all the time, so I decided to figure out how to create a popular game for smartphones. I reconnoitered that the minimum you need to know for game development, what mistakes to avoid and what to look for. The material is based on the mobile game UI design articles.

Game dev basics

To understand how to develop a concept for a game, how to build a gameplay and make the user enjoyable to play, you need to get acquainted with game design. The 20 Best Video Game Design Books will help you understand the principles of creating video games. It is, of course, not necessary to read everything.

In the programming part, you need to be able to write native code for the platform for which the game is being developed

Learn Unity and the C # programming language is the industry standard. Working on this engine, you will develop rapidly. For Unity, there is the Asset Store - a store of ready-made solutions from developers. It will save you a lot of time and provide technologies that were previously not available to small studios and novice programmers. Tutorials, video tutorials and online schools like unity multiplayer solutions will help you to study.

Making a popular game, especially for one, is very difficult. You will need programming skills, knowledge in the field of game design, 3d modeling, animation, graphic design. Game development is the intersection of technology, art and business. Competence in psychology will also come in handy. Therefore, it is better to assemble a team after all.

Think who this game will be for

You need to know your gamer at every stage of game development and support. Who is this? What does he like? How old is he? From what country? Determining the geography is especially important. Asia, Europe, States, CIS - everywhere there are nuances in the implementation of gameplay, graphics and other aspects. A simple example: in Asian countries, all heroes must have big eyes.