The target audience will see a notification about the view, interested people will go to the profile. This is a popular and effective way to promote in 2022.


Why to buy auto views for instagram? b.TWEEN 3D
What are Instagram auto views and should I buy them?

Auto views for Instagram is the automated viewing of Instagram users' stories, most often through bots or services.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is that there is virtually no chance of banning an account that views posts, which is not the case with massfollowing and massliking. There are also no limits and consequently a greater reach. Therefore, in this article we will look at services and programmes for promotion.


First, determine the vector of work for promotion: there are 3 key ways to massfollowing in Instagram. You can use them separately or in tandem.

  • Repeat views. Run masslucking on the same users multiple times. Not everyone posts storis every day, so some people might fall out of the one-time sample. It'll also work well for your account's recognition;
  • Reactions. Add quick reactions, replies to surveys, clicks on sliders - in general, make sure everyone knows you're a live person to your usual story viewing. Do this as often as possible to "flatter" your audience and gain loyalty;
  • Combo. For maximum effect, combine massloking with other promotional methods such as massfollowing, masssliking or targeted advertising.

Sources of automated views

Create a list of donors, users whose audience you will use for the mass sharing of your stories. Who do you choose for this? I will tell you in a moment.

Beginners. Work with profiles with a small number of subscribers. The smaller the account, the more closely it monitors your storisys views - therefore the chances of a return click to the profile increase;
Filter your audience. I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again: Before you launch the app, exclude closed, commercial and dead pages from the sample. We need live users to view storis;
Target. Choose direct competitors to view active followers, and don't forget that geolocation and hashtags are your best friends in this endeavor.


Massloking, as you understand, refers to grey promotion methods. To avoid getting caught in a shadow ban, follow some simple rules.

  • Account age. Only run massluking on pages older than 3 months. Younger profiles are more vulnerable to banning, so Instagram needs to know you're for real;
  • Process speed. Choose low for profiles with less than 10 thousand followers, medium - up to 50 thousand followers, high - only for verified accounts;
  • Limits. Follow limits on viewing of stories: up to 3 months profile - 240 stories/hour, up to 5760 stories/day, up to 1 year profile - 4000 stories/hour, up to 100000 stories/day, over 1 year profile - up to 40000 stories/hour, up to 1 million stories/day.

Account appearance

Remember that masluking is not a magic pill which will instantly increase your stats. Before you start, make sure you prepare your page to receive new traffic (I know it's written in about every article on the subject, but it's really important).

  • Avatar. Place an attractive avatar that catches the eye of your audience. This can be a brand logo or a close-up of your personal photo;
  • Offerer. Include a unique offer in your profile title that will be instantly visible to your users. Use capslock or emoji to heighten the effect (but don't overdo it);
  • Content. Format your account, make a sales description, develop interesting and unique content. We need not only to attract visitors to the profile, but also to make them stay there.